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 Ayleen's beginner poems

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Ayleen's beginner poems Empty
PostSubject: Ayleen's beginner poems   Ayleen's beginner poems EmptyFri Aug 27, 2010 2:07 pm

I haven't wrote poetry lately, so I hope this is ok...

1)I dont live up to your reputation
but that dont mean im not good
If there's something you're liking to say
im here, but as your equal

2)the rising of the sun
time to start the days work
the high noon sun
time to eat and grin
the setting of the sun
time to settle with my family
the rising of the moon
time to relax and sleep
the rising of the sun
time to start over

3)my family is sick
my crops are dying
i lie in bed and think
what is worth this pain?
my mind is blank

i give and give
i hope and hope
but prayers unanswered
what do i get in return for my work?
my mind is blank

but yet i strive
to help and love
my family and friends
strangers and newcomers
my heart is still empty

the question left unanswered
my family is sick
my crops are dying
what do i do?
the answer is coming

i continue to hope
the innocent shall not perish
the poor still hope
i knew from the beginning
love and hope will always hold true

now my family is well
my crops grow
i have no questions
i am content
my family is with me
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Ayleen's beginner poems
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