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 I haz the first poetry thread:D

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I haz the first poetry thread:D Empty
PostSubject: I haz the first poetry thread:D   I haz the first poetry thread:D EmptyWed Aug 25, 2010 7:34 pm

SOOO...I write poetry x3 And here are a few of my poems, the ones I like enough to share, anyways.
Opinions are always welcome ;D
I would put them in spoilers but...I don't see any spoiler tags so BEWARE OF LENGTH xD

He sat on the edge of the distance
Crossing the path of the sun
Before he dissolved into shadow
And his absence was noticed by none

He touched the emptiness softly
Savoring the fullness of death
He tasted the thrill of the safety
That taunted him each time he drew breath

The darkness played on his tongue
The possibility was fresh on his lips
He was undaunted by the mist that covered logic
He never dared to look back on the slips

His heart was haunted by hollows
His soul was tattered and torn
He was unafraid of the blackness before him
He tilted back his head in the midst of the scorn

The scars underneath were a promise
The world in front of him bleak
He held in his hands the last remaining light
And he could tell in the night it was weak

The rain was a mirror from the heavens
That splattered upon broken shards
Of a future soon to be broken
And a pretty face soon to be scarred

His darting eyes fell upon promise
And a small hope inside him was born
His bright hands reached to the emptiness
New faith in eyes that were worn

The cracked trees cried to the rainfall
As he lunged toward the mirage of a dream
Before his own ideals had surrounded him
And the silence was cut by a scream

His eyes opened in weary awareness
And his life was printed across his face
His heart was a deadweight inside him
As he got up and stood still in the chase

And his hand was a savoir above him
Reaching for something above
The whiteness scarred like a battlefield
The blackness pure like a dove

The rain was tainted with clarity
As it reached him in the middle of fight
He cupped his hand around it
And watched as it put out the light

And he stood as the sky filled the emptiness
And watched as the darkness consumed
The world that he’d loved enough to save
He watched as the light was entombed

His hand slowly clenched around emptiness
His fingers grasping the dawn
As his arm rose out in front of him
Searching for what was now gone

He stood in the hallowed out dreamstate
And he began to raise up his eyes
His fingers slowly uncurled themselves, and then
The grasped up for light in the sky

No room to breathe
With you near me
Your footsteps on mine
So close to the line
The sun tracing shadows
Of half empty hollows
Bridges inside
Air will always divide


Throwing coins
Just to prove
That wishes
Don’t come
Falling through walls
To prove
That we’re
In cages
In lines
To prove
That it can’t
Get free.
Kissing frogs
In triumph
As they remain
Just as they are.
Playing with
To fool
Picking apart
A rainbow
To find
No gold
Never stopping
You spot
The silver lining.

You flip
Back through
And wish
That you’d
An attempt
To fly.

My eyes
prefer to look the other
way when
tragedy strikes. They
don’t want to hold the image
with them
After all, all these
in life, those
moments that shatter us,
that leave us hanging
in scraps,
for death,
would it not be better
no recollection of
those moments
existed? If they were
wiped from
history and tossed
For all that,
I am born
of those
moments, of what
I can never
I can remember
thousands of things
that my eyes
have recorded. And
they burn
with icy fire.
But I can also
thousands more
when my eyes were
by darkness.
And that’s
the thing: you
can’t stop it.
you cannot
your heart
as you can your
Trust me:
I’ve tried.
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SW Kit_kat
SW Kit_kat

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I haz the first poetry thread:D Empty
PostSubject: Re: I haz the first poetry thread:D   I haz the first poetry thread:D EmptyFri Aug 27, 2010 12:02 pm

wow these are amazing!! I love them you're really good. You should definately keep writing and post some others that you have Very Happy
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Third Rate
Third Rate

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I haz the first poetry thread:D Empty
PostSubject: Re: I haz the first poetry thread:D   I haz the first poetry thread:D EmptyThu Sep 02, 2010 6:33 am

i love them too, my fav are bridges and Diary
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I haz the first poetry thread:D Empty
PostSubject: Re: I haz the first poetry thread:D   I haz the first poetry thread:D Empty

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I haz the first poetry thread:D
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