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 What is fear? (meant to be scary)

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PostSubject: What is fear? (meant to be scary)   Tue Aug 31, 2010 9:38 am

Ok so this is supposed to be like scary but I don't think it is that much.... What ever you can see for your selves and tell me what you think.

What is fear exactly?

Why is it that we fear things more at night when it is dark? Is it because we can not see perhaps. But if this is true then why is it that, say you had your lights off and blinds closed and couldn't see a thing in your room during the middle of the day you still would not be nearly as scared as you are at night. But why is this? Is it just the time of day, or the fact that there is no sun? You ask your self these questions now but do not have answers do you.

Maybe this is because there are things that only come out at night. Maybe because unexpected unexplainable things really do happen at night...
It wouldn't stop, the nightmare I mean. Every night I would wake up with my eyes wide, breathing heavily. Because every night I had the same dream. I say dream instead of nightmare because to call it a nightmare would only be to label it as scary. If it is already labeled as scary it makes it even scarier.
But tonight some thing different happened...

Tonight the scratching of their claws on the wood floor did not leave my ears as I awoke. Tonight the glow of their blood red eyes did not leave my vision as my lids fluttered open. Tonight it was real.

They were there. Tons of the tiny creatures. I did not need to turn on the light to know what they really looked like as they approched, I already knew. This is because they were permanently etched into my mind. The texture of their powdery gray skin, tight against their bones as if they had no flesh underneath. They had no legs, only long bony arms and elbows to drag their little misshapen torsos from behind. They had long bony fingers and even longer sharp yellow claws that made the sound of fingernails on a chalk board as they pulled them selves along. They had sharp little rows of perfect little white teeth that I could see the glow of even in the darkness. Their eyes glowed a blood red that followed me every where in the back of my mind.

Suddenly they all opened their little mouths into wide grins as they got closer to my bed. I quickly backed up against the wall, but seeing this mad them angry. They opened their mouths wider and let our screeches and wails that could never be any thing even close to any animal I had ever heard. The screeches tore through my body with pain that I had never thought possible to feel. I clamped my hands over my ears but the sound did not leave me, it never died as they still came closer.

They were climbing up the edge of my bed now, only a short space from where I sat on my knees ears still clutched tight. And that's when they reached me, they did not halter or pause for even a second as they immediately clawed at my skin. My arms and legs were soon covered in blood, my skin in ribbons. But they were not done yet, no they weren't even close. Suddenly they stopped screeching a relief at first but only for a moment, because then they dug their rows of pointed teeth into my flesh.

The pain was to much to bear, I had lost so much blood... Why hadn't I died yet? I hoped and prayed to die soon to escape the pain but had no luck. It had come to the point where I could see parts of my blood covered bones sticking out, but I was still alive some how.

Then suddenly they all stopped to look at me. I took a deep breath to keep from screaming and immediately calmed. This is when I wake up. I told my self repeatedly. This is when it all ends. I took one last deep breath before opening my eyes, but what I saw made me let out a scream...
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PostSubject: Re: What is fear? (meant to be scary)   Tue Aug 31, 2010 12:33 pm

thats was exciting, i think.... yeah thats the word. very detailed but there couldve been more detail on the blood and stuff if you want it bone chilling scary and more description on the things. other then that i thought it was good
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What is fear? (meant to be scary)
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