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 got another one, army story for now

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got another one, army story for now Empty
PostSubject: got another one, army story for now   got another one, army story for now EmptyFri Sep 03, 2010 11:44 am

this is just a rough beginning, i wanted to get it onto the computer and here it is, hope you enjoy:

This is the story of Elizabeth Paley and her life in the army.
Elizabeth Paley was a reasonable person. She never did anything out of the ordinary and never did anything harsh but never let people get of the hook when it came time for their punishments. Simple and nice, but the day she joined the army, at the age of eighteen, her family went into shock.
A reasonable person joining the army was not something they expected. But she went and she stayed. So she was thirty and has just been promoted to colonel. Two generals were having a meeting with their colonels and their officers down to the rank of captain. They were in a meeting when bombs were being dropped down from the sky. One of these sadly hit the building where they were meeting and most of them died, and there were a lot of officers who died that day. So she was consulted and she worked to the point of exhaustion to please everyone with hopes of being promoted. But they had to meet a very specific and strict set of requirements. She had met them all and so she was chosen.
From a simple town in Franklin, Tennessee a tall and intimidating woman with strong muscular features stepped up into the army to make a new life for herself. Elizabeth had raven black hair and Emerald green eyes and a freckled face, and unlike a lot of other people she was proud of every little freckle she had. She was still a simple person though and her clothes always said that, a tee-shirt with her jacket and simple sweat pants or shorts with comfortable army boots.
Now at the age of thirty two Elizabeth Paley was in the mess hall baking. Baking was one of her favorite things to do and once at the end of the month she had a few people (more like a hundred or so) come down to the mess hall to treat them to some baked goods, mainly her excuse for doing this was for everyone who’s birthdays were this month. Whoever wanted to could come and there was always a crowd. S
She was sweating over a large oven trying to get as much as she could baked. There was still an hour until the gathering and she already has been baking for six hours and taking small breaks when things were baking. The smell was floating out of the door and spreading through out the entire base. That was when the people started gathering.
Now everyone who came wasn’t exactly part of her regiment, her ‘neighbor’ regiment was always invited to come. But the colonel who was in charge of that group was a complete jerk to her and she did not like him one bit, but she had nothing against the people he commanded.
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got another one, army story for now
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